Real-Time Email Listening and Social Media Marketing

When it comes to being on the cutting edge of marketing and brand building, MSNI, Inc., is leading the charge. We combine the latest technology and Internet marketing techniques with innovative solutions and creative thinking to bring measurable results and flexible strategies.

With our SmartTouch and SmartSocial Emal Listening platform (please refer to our YouTube videos), it enables firms to reach their customers or prospects in "real-time" even outside of the Social Media Environment. Whether it's mailing lists, email marketing, brand awareness, or customer conversion, our company has what it takes to help you build lasting relationships. Below are a few things we are really good at.

  • Email  Listening in "real time" via keywords plus Email Scrubbing/Permission Passes .
  • Marketing to Social Media ID's and Fan Page Followers outside of the Social Media Environment.
  • Appending Email and Postal Files to Social ID's, Competitor Fan Page Followers or Website Vistors.
  • Mailing Lists specializing in Military (Active and Retired), Medical (including the AMA file), New Credit Card Issues, Voter Registrations, New Movers and Pilots. (Thousands of lists to choose from).